1. Grow

This environmentally sustainable process starts with tiny oysters, no bigger than your thumbnail, which are planted by the hundreds of thousands in the cages and bags on the Oyster Boss farm, and are held securely in floating cages high above the muddy bottom of the estuary.

2. Sort

In about 8 weeks, the growing baby oysters will become the size of a half-dollar and are then transferred en masse to larger cages, where they will continue to have room to grow to full size. As they get bigger, more cages are deployed by the Oyster Boss watermen, to house the ever-growing youngsters without crowding.

3. Tumble

At the appropriate times, the oysters are sorted and tumbled inside our boat-based equipment. Doing this type of sorting work keeps oysters of similar size housed together in the same area neighborhoods on the farm. The sorting and tumbling process takes place multiple times over the lifetime of the oyster.

4. Flip

About every three weeks, the oysters are desiccated – meaning, their cages are flipped upside down on top of the water and the shell of the oyster is allowed to dry out. Doing so, keeps fouling like barnacles and spat from forming on the exterior shell of the oyster. This part of the process keeps the oyster clean and beautiful.

5. Harvest

When they reach market size (3 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep), our oysters are ready for your enjoyment. Just place your order today and let us hear back from you!